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Welcome to Czech WikiFur! Thank you for your recent contributions. We look forward to working with you, let us know in case of any problem or anything you would want to discuss. Have a nice day! :-) -- Xkun(talk) 12. 6. 2009, 01:16 (UTC)

Thanks for solving the spam[editovat]

Thanks so much for dealing with the spam, it was much appreaciated! I can give you the administrator rights for blocking, if you want it? Though so far its different IP each time, one never knows... -- Xkun(talk) 24. 7. 2009, 19:11 (UTC)

Heh. This were only 3 times. I can cope it without any special rights. Thanks. OckhamTheFox 24. 7. 2009, 22:24 (UTC)